Don’t Let It All Go Up in Smoke: Fireplace Care

Don’t Let It All Go Up in Smoke: Fireplace Care
When the temperatures finally begin to drop again, you can know your fireplace is ready to go, whether it be a gas insert or a traditional fireplace, with these tips on annual maintenance.
Considering the risks involved when heating systems are neglected – and the benefits of having them properly maintained – it is wise to have your chimneys checked annually by a Chimney Sweep and swept or repaired as needed.
Traditional Fireplace
• Get an annual chimney inspection performed by a qualified professional.
• can help prevent carbon monoxide intrusion and chimney fires. These inspections can also identify potential system issues to address them before they become costly. ​

Gas Insert

Gas fireplaces are easy and convenient. So much so, that it’s easy to forget that even a gas fireplace needs upkeep every once in a while.
• Clean the box, remove the dirt and dust
• Check your carbon monoxide detector
• Check your burner ignition

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